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The Floating Hospital to Float Again

Charles Lercara
Our Town downtown

May 7, 2007

Alumni of a 140-year-old city program are emerging from the woodwork for a big fat round-the-island reunion

Like a superhero who’s lost his superpower, like a poet abandoned by his muse, the age-old Floating Hospital has been stripped of the namesake barge that has acted as its headquarters for 140 years. The medical and social services clinic has been landlocked since its dock space near Wall Street was commandeered post-9/11 to make space for emergency ferries. Suddenly homeless, the program’s 180-foot barge, the Lila Acheson Wallace, was “sold upriver,” so to speak, to an entrepreneur who plans to sell it again, billing it as a potential restaurant, conference center or museum.
The loss of its vessel has not prevented The Floating Hospital from fulfilling its mission of providing health and social services to over 50,000 homeless mothers and children a year. In fact, the program has just opened a new headquarters in Long Island City. New York City’s Floating Hospital could, theoretically, follow in the footsteps of Boston’s Floating Hospital for Children, which lost its ship in a fire in the 1920’s and is, according to hospital’s website, “now anchored permanently in modern buildings in downtown Boston.”
But that’s no fun – and having a good time, with waterfront views, has always been just as much a part of the Floating Hospital’s mission as filling cavities.
Says Darla Pasteur, a spokeswoman: “We don’t want to lose 140 years of good will and good work because we don’t have a ship anymore.”
Enter the Queen of Hearts, a 540-person capacity showboat that boasts “The Largest Dance Floor on the Water.” On June 9, the charter ship will become The Floating Hospital for a day, launching from Pier 40 and cruising around Manhattan like the Lila Acheson used to do.
Onboard will be Floating Hospital alums who visited, staffed or volunteered on one of the procession of barges that acted as The Floating Hospital over the years. The Reunion Cruise will launch a series of Healthy Kids’ Cruises that will take place monthly throughout the summer.
Finding these alums, though, is tricky, since many came aboard the ship as children or young adults and have long since moved. But often it’s when you’re not looking for something that you find it.
Awhile back, two representatives from The Floating Hospital were invited to St. Anne’s on the Hill parish meeting in Flushing, to talk about the program. When they were done, Charles Lercara, now 80, felt moved to get up and “ad-lib.” At age 11, Lercara had been one of the “needy kids” for whom The Floating Hospital had offered an unprecedented field trip.
Much of the trip is fuzzy – sixty-nine years is a long interval – but Lercara remembers it being “a real get-together.” The school trip began with a tour of the Coca Cola bottling company on the Lower East Side, which he remembers vividly because it was on that tour that he had his first taste of Coke. And he remembers something else: sitting in the eighth row of a giant theater aboard the barge – “the back seats were way high up and the front seats were low,” so everyone could see – and “Mrs. Roosevelt came walking down the aisle. I was right, right there. She didn’t stop because she was walking fast,” he says, and he doesn’t remember what she said to them that day in her 20-minute health talk. What stuck in his mind was her stature. “She was a tall woman. She had this flamboyant style of clothes, like she had an evening gown on.”
Jack Kaiser knew Charles Lercara “peripherally,” from having seen him around at parish events, but when he got up and started talking about the Floating Hospital, well, says Kaiser, “that was a complete surprise.” As it turned out, the men had more in common than either of them knew. Now it was Kaiser’s turn to ad-lib.
In 1943, Kaiser, then a high school senior at St. John’s Prep and a promising athlete with dreams of becoming a pro baseball player, was recommended by an athletic coach to be a counselor aboard the Floating Hospital. His job, for which he was paid a pittance, was to “play games with the youngsters” maybe four or five days a week over a summer. The rest of his time was spent playing sandlot baseball.
Kaiser went on to play baseball, basketball and soccer at St. John’s University, where he later coached from 1956 to 1973, then served as director of athletics for 23 years, and still serves as athletic director emeritus.
Kaiser thinks maybe his decision to go into athletic education when his dreams of going pro didn’t pan out were rooted in his summer on the barge. “I have to say, it was a great great experience for me.”
Kaiser didn’t mention it when we spoke on the phone, but on May 1, St. John’s University officially dedicated its baseball stadium “in the namesake of former student-athlete, longtime coach and athletics director, John W. ‘Jack’ Kaiser.”

If you have a Floating Hospital story to tell, contact Darla Pasteur at 212-514-7440 x.220 by May 31, 2007and you’ll be eligible for a free ticket to the Reunion Cruise.

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